How Do I Get Involved with S&I Framework?

Follow these steps to get involved with the S&I Framework:
Want to see who you would be working with?

View our extended list of Committed Members who are dedicated to solving the interoperability challenges faced today. These members are actively engaged in the development and refinement of tools, standards, testing harnesses, and building infrastructure bringing future possibilities of the S&I Framework to life.

What does it take to lead or support an S&I Framework Initiative?

The Community Enabling Toolkit (CET) was developed for S&I Framework participants as reference while participating in existing Initiatives and launching new S&I Framework efforts. Included in the CET are:

  • Processes and best practices for each phase of the S&I Lifecycle
  • Templates and example wiki pages, communications, and work products
  • Instructions for executing day-to-day activities, creating particular artifacts, and uploading artifacts to the Repository
Participate in one of the S&I Activities

Use Cases

Work with other S&I framework committed members to identify real-world needs; prioritize them through an open, transparent process; and document explicit, unambiguous use cases, functional requirements and exchange requirements for interoperability.

Standards Harmonization

Help bridge the gap between different views of health care information and harmonize them into a consistent framework to advance interoperability standards.

Specification Implementation

Participate in the development of effective interoperability specifications supporting the implementation of real world HIT solutions.

Reference Implementation

Specifications aren’t proven until they can be successfully implemented and integrated into real solutions. Participate by building an executable reference implementation based on the specifications.

Current S&I Initiatives

Get involved in one or more of the currently ongoing initiatives: