How Do I Implement?

Using the NwHIN 1.0 Portfolio, you can implement solutions that meet Meaningful Use objectives and other national healthcare priorities. The NwHIN 1.0 Portfolio is a collection of standards, services, and policies that form the foundation for meaningful electronic exchange of health information.

If you are new to using HIT specifications, viewing specifications by the scenarios they enable is likely the best way to become familiar with the NwHIN 1.0 Portfolio. If you are already familiar with the NwHIN 1.0 Portfolio, you can browse a particular category of specifications, or search directly in the S&I Framework Browser.

How Can I Find Examples and Answers to Implementation Questions?

Standards Implementation and Testing Environment (SITE)

The SITE is a centralized set of tools to assist developers of Health Information Technology in their efforts to implement the standards required for certification of Electronic Health Record (EHR) technology, and in general, enable health information interoperability. The environment consists of a knowledge base where developers can find authoritative answers to frequently asked questions, a forum where developers may pose questions to the community, an issue tracker where developers may submit questions for resolution by subject matter experts from the appropriate standards body, and a sample data repository where developers may find and contribute document samples. Additionally, the SITE includes a live testing environment with validation and transport tools to assist software developers.

How Do I Access the NwHIN 1.0 Portfolio?


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