What Our Volunteers Are Saying

"The strength of the S&I Framework is its ability to bring together a community of leaders with unparalleled experience and expertise in healthcare and health IT.  These people have a drive and a passion for creating the future of healthcare through easier and more secure exchange of information, and this is reflected in their dedication to the various S&I initiatives."

- Alice Leiter, Director for Health IT Policy, National Partnership for Women & Families
Query Health Initiative

"One of the major strengths of the S&I Framework is bringing together stakeholders from a variety of healthcare backgrounds to work together toward common goals that will benefit both the patients and user communities. Without a standardized set of guidelines to use as a goal [as provided by the S&I Framework], I believe that there would be a lot of duplicate efforts across the board as each organization tried to interpret the MU [Meaningful Use] requirements and create a unique set of processes that would meet their own specific needs."

- Cindy Johns, Laboratory Corporation of America
Lab Results Interface Initiative

"I can honestly say [that the S&I Framework] was a very collaborative effort in generating community interest and participation.  This enabled the community stakeholders to work together toward a common goal for promoting interoperability and meaningful use.  Clinicians, vendors and other community participants provided real-world feedback and this contribution was valuable towards establishing and publishing standards to promote interoperability and a commitment to standards that will drive widespread adoption."

- Mayuri Patel, Solution Architect, ICA
Transitions of Care Initiative

"What is clear to me is that the TOC [Transitions of Care Initiative] RI [Reference Implementation] forms a solid foundation upon which future TOC User Stories can be codified in computable models and that it clearly lowers the barrier of entry for new innovators, startups and those not-so-large EMR, HIE and PHR software developers…It is my expectation that TOC RI and its associated Demos and Pilots will continue to grow and become an important technical anchor for standardizing Transitions of Care, simplifying the complexity of disparate document formats, lowering the cost of entry for HIT innovators and ultimately driving the cost of Healthcare down through the disruptive innovation it manifests. "

- Mark Bamberg, Chief Science Officer, MEDfx
Transitions of Care Initiative