What is the S&I Framework?

The S&I Framework is a collaborative community of participants from the public and private sectors who are focused on providing the tools, services and guidance to facilitate the functional exchange of health information.  The S&I Framework uses a set of integrated functions, processes, and tools that enable execution of specific value-creating initiatives.  Each S&I Initiative tackles a critical interoperability challenge through a rigorous process that typically includes:

  • Development of clinically-oriented user stories and robust use cases
  • Harmonization of interoperability specifications and implementation guidance
  • Provision of real-world experience and implementer support through new initiatives, workgroups and pilot projects
  • Mechanisms for feedback and testing of implementations, often in conjunction with ONC partners such as NIST

Learn more about the S&I Framework.

S&I Initiatives

Each S&I Initiative focuses on a single, narrowly-scoped, broadly-applicable challenge. The S&I Framework community has demonstrated its support and interest in the evolution and refinement of key challenges currently being tackled. Learn more about Current S&I Initiatives.